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Senator Barbara Boxer is Dangerously Ignorant 4/5/11

By Art Horn, Meteorologist

I hardly know where to begin in describing how completely ignorant and utterly vacuous senator  Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is. I know that sounds harsh and it is, and it’s intended to be for so many, many reasons that will become self evident in this story. On March 30th 2011 Senator Boxer went on a rant about how despicable the Republicans were for attaching an amendment to the Small Business Innovation Research Bill (SBIR). The amendment sponsored by Senator Mitch McConnell (R-TN) would prevent the EPA from regulating emissions of greenhouse gases to address climate change. The principal gas in question that the EPA wants to regulate (Tax) is carbon dioxide. Notice I said carbon DIOXIDE not carbon. As you will see Senator Boxer doesn’t know the difference between the two.

The first thing Senator Boxer said on the floor that immediately exposes her vast empty head is when she said “there has been an amendment that was attached to this bill on the very first day that would stop the Environmental Protection Agency forever from enforcing the clean air act as it relates to carbon pollution.” Notice she calls it “carbon pollution”. She has no idea that the bill’s attachment is to stop the EPA from regulating carbon dioxide gas. She goes on to expose her profoundly deep ignorance by saying “It is essentially a repeal of the clean air act as it involves a particular pollutant, carbon which has been found to be an endangerment to our people.” She is so wrong on so many levels. First it is not a repeal of the clean air act. The clean air act is supposed to regulate pollution, carbon dioxide clearly is not pollution. The amendment is to stop the EPA from regulating this harmless and beneficial trace gas, carbon dioxide. Without carbon dioxide in the air all life on earth would die. It is essential for all plant life. Little does the senator know that the air she is exhaling is full of carbon dioxide, lethal amounts by her reckoning.

While ranting on about what a dangerous pollutant carbon is (completely clueless that the issue is about carbon dioxide, not carbon) she is completely unaware that carbon dioxide is not dangerous to breathe. In the very hall she was speaking in, carbon dioxide levels can be three to five times higher than the air outside. People in submarines breathe air with up to 8,000 parts per million carbon dioxide with no harmful effects. The atmosphere currently contains 390 parts per million. Her rant is so full of errors it’s hard to know which ones to pick out there are so many to choose from. It is virtually everything she says. The senator goes on to refer to a letter from the American Lung Association. The letter is a disgrace and the Lung Association should know better than to say that by not regulating carbon dioxide the health of Americans will be compromised. Apparently the Lung Association is not worried about their professional credibility. The American Lung Association’s letter actually supports the notion that carbon dioxide is air pollution. This is absolutely absurd to the nth degree.

And there is much more stupidity on display as she says “And what is the science telling us? That it is dangerous to breathe in air pollution with lots of carbon in it.” Once again by saying carbon she demonstrates her complete lack of understanding of just what we are talking about. She then goes on to put in the record a despicable letter from a long list of environmental groups (who are anti-business, anti-civilization, anti-human) that says among other things “Medical professionals and public health organizations agree that carbon dioxide pollution is a serious public health issue. (there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this claim, it is completely and totally false) Compromising the work of the EPA means that more Americans will suffer from the impacts of severe asthma attacks (What! That makes no sense what so ever) more children will end up in hospitals attached to respirators, and (here is where we see where this letter is really coming from) more seniors lives will be put at risk from heat waves and severe weather.” That statement let the truth sneak out. It reveals that it’s not breathing in carbon dioxide that is their concern, it’s global warming. That is what this is all about. The whole argument about carbon dioxide being dangerous to health is a cover, an excuse and a fabrication to legitimize the environmentalist’s attack on carbon dioxide and the companies, utilities and manufacturing industries that produce it. The whole letter is just a lie.

Then the spectacularly fact challenged senator says “Let me give you one economic fact: If you can’t breathe you can’t work.” This statement is so absurd it would funny if it weren’t so serious an issue. Perhaps the only thing more absurd is that enough people in California voted for her and that she now is in a position to effect policy, frightening! The good senator actually believes that a trace gas, essential for life on earth, that is .038% of the atmosphere is going to inhibit someone from breathing, unbelievable.

It gets worse. The senator then holds up a picture of a little girl who has a tube in her mouth to help her breathe. Senator boxer has now stooped to using children to tug at the heart strings of the uninformed. She says “Do you want their future to look like this, breathing through a device? Come on, this is clear.” It certainly is. It is clear this woman has absolutely no clue as to what she is talking about, very clear.

As I said, this rant which you can read here is so thoroughly lacking in any understanding of absolutely anything factual makes for an amazing read. Some of the business and industries that would be attacked by the EPA should they be allowed to move forward with their agenda took out a full page ad in newspapers. Senator Boxer commented about the ad saying “It looks almost environmental, green. This is not green, it is dirty, dirty air. That is what this ad stands for dirty air.” She is completely clueless as to the what carbon dioxide is (she kept referring to it as carbon) and has no idea that is completely unrelated to real air pollution. There had to be a lot of muffled chuckles from those in attendance who witnessed this embarrassing tirade of uninformed foolishness.

And you wonder why people are outraged at what our leaders have given us. A bankrupt, once great nation that uninformed dolts like Barbara Boxer, the EPA and environmental groups want to continue to beat down and make sure that we have no hope of recovering to our former greatness. Senator Boxer’s term can’t end soon enough.



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