The "Art" of Weather
Art Horn, Meteorologist



The “Art” of Weather

Art Horn, Meteorologist
185 Pine street # 308
Manchester, CT 06040
860-643-6550 office
860-268-9139 cell



I am a professional meteorologist with 25 years of television broadcast experience. One of the areas I work in is forensic meteorology. I have written about one hundred reports and testified in court about 10 times in the last 20 years. I write clear, plain language reports using historical weather data from a variety of sources. My resume can provide to you at your request.


When I am brought into a case I recreate the weather conditions for a specific location using all available historical weather data. You will find that my weather reconstructions are in clear, understandable language. I can get you an opinion in a day or less and a full weather analysis report in 1 to 3 days.

The cost of my service is $200.00 per hour. There is no charge for phone consultations. Most written reports take about 3.0 to 4.0 hours. Once the work is completed I will send you a draft report for your inspection. In the event you need me to testify in court I will need a retainer to cover the estimated cost of any airfare and other travel expenses. If the court is in driving distance no retainer is needed.

Fee Scheduled

Billable time…Billable time will be considered any time related to a case. My hourly rate is $200.00. Drive time to a deposition or court testimony is billed at ½ my hourly rate. An invoice will be sent to your office when my final report is submitted. An additional invoice will be sent in the event of court testimony. Time in court is billed at $300.00 per hour.

Billable Expenses…Billable expenses include any out of pocket expenses. In the event air travel is required estimated expenses must be paid in advance through a retainer.

Cancellations…Cancellation of courtroom testimony with less than 24 hours notice will result in a billing of 1.5 hours of my hourly rate plus any expenses. All payments made related to travel may not be refunded in any case that is cancelled regardless of notice.





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