The "Art" of Weather
Art Horn, Meteorologist




Some of my favorite web sites in no particular order ...

This is a great site to keep up with all the latest news in the world of global warming and climate change. I write for this site and am a founding board member.

This site gives you the latest satellite picture of the northeast. Fast and easy.

Much more detailed info for pilots. Satellite loops and other great stuff.

Want to know what the sun is up to? This site gives you the very latest images of solar activity.

Great site for keeping up with and learning about space weather.

A more advanced site with information about solar cycle activity and historical data.

Want to know the weather right now anywhere in the world? This site will take you there.

A wide variety of current weather maps. You have to pick and choose to see what scale you like the best.

Everything about El Nino and La Nina. Current status and forecasts. Takes some time to learn how to navigate the site.

Current world water temperature anomalies. Good for monitoring El Nino and La Nina and Atlantic water temperatures in hurricane season.

Very good site to monitor the amount of sea ice at the top and bottom of the world.

I publish here from time to time. Very good magazine to keep up on the ever changing world of energy.

Good site to monitor current weather, water temperatures and waves on Long Island Sound.

A must for monitoring and getting forecasts of hurricanes. A lot of great historical information available as well but you have to take some time to find it.

Very interesting site to get three hour weather forecasts. You must type in an airport code at the top to get the forecast. Each identifier such as bdl (Bradley field) must be preceded by a K such as kbdl. There is a lot of data here and probably better for experience weather junkies or meteorologists.

Another site for experience weather people. You type in the airport code such as hvn (New Haven) and then pick from the menu what kind of data you want. Takes some time to learn how to use.

Another site probably best for experienced weather professionals or long time weather junkies. This information is the graphical output of the computer models run by NOAA. It takes a lot of experience to read this site. It is used by many professional meteorologists to make their forecasts.



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