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My name is Art Horn. I am a meteorologist and have worked on television with CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS.  I was with NBC30 in Connecticut from 1992 to 2005.  My programs are entertaining, educational and unforgettable! Please note I will need a screen or white wall area and a small table for my presentations.

Extreme Weather: Attack From The Sky!...We live on the most beautiful planet in the solar system. On this world we have a wide variety of weather and climate. Much of the surface of the earth has conditions that promote human prosperity with fertile soils and moderate, evenly distributed precipitation. Most of the time humans and Nature get along. With ample precipitation we grow food and enjoy the great outdoors when the sun shines. However there are times when Nature’s forces seem to conspire to work against us. These are the times when Extreme Weather Attacks! Storms are as necessary to life as air is to breath and food is to eat. Storms bring life in the form of water, be it rain or snow. Sometimes these storms bring death and destruction. It’s not that these weather systems are working against us, it’s just that at times the natural collisions of extremely cold and hot air masses generates extreme weather. These storms, no matter how severe, are nature’s way of balancing out the differences in temperature across the world. The more extreme the temperature differences on earth the more severe the storms will be. The extreme storms work to ease the difference in temperature and in doing so, bring the weather back to a more stable state. We need storms. We just have to find a way to survive them when Extreme Weather Attacks!

Weather Dominates our World…When you think about it everything we do is affected by the weather. The weekend trip to the shore or lake will depend on what kind of weather there is. On your wedding day you may want to be outside but you better have a backup plan because the weather may not cooperate! From the launching of the space shuttle to fireworks on the 4th of July weather conditions will make or break the event. Insurance rates are higher near the east coast of the United States. Why? Because of hurricanes! Will there be school today? It will depend on the weather. Major league baseball plays games every day in the summer but sometimes the weather says not today. Billions of dollars of products are shipped around the world. Storms can divert tankers and cargo ships causing delays or worse. Airlines need to avoid strong  jetstream winds to save fuel and make the ride smoother. Winter storms and summer thunderstorms can have important impacts on airline departures and arrivals. The roads are full of eighteen wheelers moving products across the country. Storms can delay deliveries or cause traffic snarling accidents. The price of food is strongly affected by droughts, heat waves, floods and killing frosts and freezes. This one hour PowerPoint show will help you to appreciate how much weather dominates our world!

Weather Myths and Mysteries…There are many expressions and rhymes that people have used for centuries in an attempt to predict the weather. Lightning never strikes twice. Rubber shoes and tires protect someone from a lightning strike. Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky in morning sailors warning. The question is are these folk lore and rhymes true and able to predict the weather? In this program I will examine the many sayings, folklore and myths of weather and climate. When the leaves of tree turn over rain will soon fall. Sometimes it’s too cold to snow. You should open the windows of a house when a tornado is coming to equalize the pressure so the house won’t explode! “When the clouds appear like rocks and towers, the earth will be washed by frequent showers”.  On a cloudy day increasing wind tells of a coming storm. The color of a Woolly Worms fur can foretell the coming winter. These and many other sayings and weather folklore will be examined and demystified in this very entertaining and educational program.

Hurricane: The Greatest Storm on Earth... We here in the Northeast are visited by these great storms from time to time. Between 1938 and 1960 five hurricanes smashed into the region with devastating consequences. Gloria struck Connecticut on September 27th 1985. The last hurricane to strike anywhere in New England was hurricane Bob that smashed into Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts on August 19th of 1991. There has been a long drought of land falling Hurricanes here in Southern New England with only 2 in 48 years! That may be about to change. The warm phase of the North Atlantic Ocean is continuing. We are long overdue for a major hurricane here in the northeast. The big question is when will it happen and will we be ready? Hurricane Katrina was a devastating storm that struck the Gulf Coast in late august of 2005. New England’s Katrina was the Great New England Hurricane of Wednesday September 21st 1938. This storm struck southern New England without warning. This massive hurricane had winds of 120 miles per hour and gusts as high as 160 miles per hour! In this program we will explore that great storm and what might happen if another like it were to return. The clock is ticking!

Global Warming Exposed!…Did you ever wonder why everything you read in newspapers and magazines says global warming is caused by us and will destroy the future? Did you ever wonder why all those news programs on TV say burning fossil fuels is bad and if we don’t stop the world as we know it will end? Well here is your chance to see a one hour PowerPoint show that will change all of that. This show will open your eyes to everything you’ve never seen on TV or read in the newspapers or magazines. If you ever wondered what really changes the earth’s climate this program is for you! I will expose the myths and the lies of those who say carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant. You will see how changes in the sun and ocean temperatures have ruled the climate in the past and continue to do so today. After seeing this program you will understand the history of earth’s temperature and why the small warming that has taken place is not due to human activity. So called “global warming” stopped a decade ago, even though carbon dioxide levels continue to increase in the atmosphere. Amazing facts like this and many more await you in this compelling program.

How the Weather Works…Is a detailed program about the fundamentals of weather. Have you ever wondered what makes the wind blow or what makes rain and snow? This show will answer those questions and many more. From what makes the seasons to how to make a hurricanes a tornado or a blizzard this show has it all. The programs goal is to show the audience the beauty and complexity of our atmosphere and the science behind it. You will never look at the sky the same way after seeing this program, I guarantee that!

How to Make a Weather Forecast…Have you ever wondered how those people on the TV make the weather forecast? Many people have and in this program you will learn the history of how weather forecasting evolved into the science it is today. Forecasting has come a long way in the last 100 years. The development of super computers, satellites and ocean monitoring networks have all played an important roll in making the forecast much more accurate. You’ll learn what web sites to go to so you can make you’re own predictions! All the secrets of how to make a forecast will be revealed in this insiders look at forecasting.  Plus you will see first hand how the weather program is broadcast each night on television from a meteorologist who presented the weather on TV for 25 years. You’ll never look at a television weather forecast the same way after seeing “How to make a weather forecast”.



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