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Published Articles

Skinning The Cat With Climate Justice 9/12/11

The Climate Time Bomb Dud 8/1/11

What Are Schools Teaching Kids About Our Energy Future? 6/28/11

Offshore Drilling? Obama Says Nil baby Nil 5/26/11

Now Even Tornadoes Are Used For Energy Spin 5/3/11

Senator Barbara Boxer is Dangerously Ignorant 4/5/11

Congress to NASA: Study Space Not Climate! 2/18/11

The UN is a Grave Danger to Our Energy Future and National Sovereignty 2/8/11

Twenty “talking points” dealing with popular myths, misconceptions and lies about global warming REV 3/2011

EPA Air Chief Is CO2 Clueless 3/30/11

Congress to NASA: Study Space! (Not Climate. That’s Not Space.) 2/18/11

Lieberman’s Legacy: Good Man, Terrible Climate Policy 2/8/11

How Much of Your Money Wasted on Climate Change? Try $10.6 Million a Day 1/15/11

The Utter Futility of Reducing Carbon Emissions 12/29/10

MSM Inertia: What We Can Learn from 120 Years of Climate Catastrophe Reporting 12/5/10

Another Disaster in Haiti Tonight? 11/4/10

Connecticut’s Attorney General is a Danger to America 11/1/10

Winter 2010, Play That Tune One More Time

The Super La Nina and the Coming Winter 10/25/10

What Happened to All the Hurricanes, Al 10/18/10

Breaking News! It’s Global Warming! 12/15/10

Florida Hurricane Threat Increasing 9/25/10

Earl's Failed Forecast Mirrors Global Warming Predictions 9/10/10

2010: Hottest Year Ever? 8/11/10 and 9/1/10

Hurricane Season 2010: Ominous signs 6/19/10

An Oilicane 6/21/10

Carbon Dioxide is a Follower, Not a Leader 5/2010

Global Cold Wave May be Looming 5/2010

2010: The Year Global Warming Froze Florida 3/2010

The True Meaning of "Go Green" 3/2010

Wounded Warmers on the Attack 3/2010

Global Warming is Causing What? 2/2010

Why Your Television Loves Global Warming 1/2010

An Even Bigger Climategate is in the United States 12/2009

Closed Doors and Deaf Ears 12/2009

The End of Global Warming 12/2009

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