The "Art" of Weather
Art Horn, Meteorologist



Services offered by Art Horn

Highly entertaining and educational one hour powerpoint programs about various topics in weather to adult groups. See programs.

Insightful and eye opening one hour powerpoint programs dealing with global warming (sometimes called climate change)

Educational powerpoint programs about weather for elementary and middle school students. Basic, fun program for grades K though second grade, more advanced (but still fun) program with some math and science for grades three through 8th. Both programs followed by valuable question and answer period. See School Services.

Global warming powerpoint program for high school students. Science (not politically) based program gives young minds a chance to see that not all scientists believe that “the science is settled”. Promotes independent thinking and insight into the scientific method. See programs.

Weather activities for summer recreation programs. Kids learn about weather and have fun doing it with hands on activities. (about one hour)

Speaker for club and civic organization meetings, conventions, seminars and other social gatherings.

Expert witness for attorneys in weather related legal matters. Thirty years experience in consulting with lawyers, writing clear and concise reports and testifying in court.

Writer for magazines and on line publications. Areas of expertise are hurricanes, weather forecasting, television meteorology and global warming.

Teaching meteorology for adult education classes and community colleges.

Entertainer on cruise ships. One hour powerpoint programs presented to passengers aboard ship as “infotainment” when cruising at sea. See programs for options.

Sight specific weather forecasts and advice for events such as outdoor parties, weddings, sporting events, cruises and other vacations and weather sensitive activities.



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